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Unlike a personal profile, a Facebook business page is, by default, public. Users can “Like” and become a “fan” of your page without requiring approval from page administrators — a fantastic opportunity for your business to get discovered. Once you are logged into Facebook, you can (and should!) create a page of your own.


Let’s start by clicking the button below and start creating your Facebook Business Page.

 Create a page of your own here


When beginning your setup, you’ll need to first select a page type — select the one that best describes your business type if you are creating a facebook page for your website or blog you must select “website”from the category list. Then your company name.

Tip for Marketers: The category you select will help your page rank in more relevant searches and provide relevant fields on your page.


Facebook will then guide you through 3 core steps for creating your page.
The first includes a description of your business, a URL for your website, and a vanity URL for your business page. The description section will appear on your actual profile as a small 2-3 sentence blurb — keep it short and sweet.


Next, upload a photo as the main visual on your business page. This will appear as an icon every time you comment as your business on Facebook.

Upload a profile picture with 180 x 180 px as its dimensions. The image will automatically adjust to be 160 x 160 px.


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